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washington's news leader. now, live in hd, this is news 4 at 6:00. she opened everybody's eyes to what she was going through, what women went through. >> celebrating betty ford. tonight, memories of the alexandria community she called home, remember the former first lady for the contributions she made to that community. plus, the dalai lama stops by the capital. kams comes with a message of world peace. california rolling out the red carpet for the duke and duchess of cambridge. the young royals mixing a little business and pleasure on their
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first official visit to the united states. we'll get to those stories in just a moment. i'm craig melvin. we start tonight with a violent morning in columbia heights neighborhood. three people were shot, two of them killed right in the middle of the street. it happened early this morning on parkwood place, just off 14th street northwest. darcy spencer is live on the scene. i understand we're starting to hear about a possible motive. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: what we're hearing is that this shooting may have somehow involved gambling, or possibly a gambling debt. we're told that there was a craps game being played on the sidewalk outside of the house early this morning, and that's when the shots rang out. sources say gambling may have been behind a triple shooting that left two men dead in the 1400 block of parkwood place in northwest washington. gunfire erupted around 5:45 in the morning. annie jackson said she heard about eight shots. >> i heard the shots. i got on the floor, you know. that's the thing, you hit the
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floor, you don't stand up. like we're living in a third-world country so you have to learn how to protect yourself. >> reporter: two men were pronounced dead on the scene. one was transported to the hospital in critical condition. jimmy simmons said one of the victims was his son. jim graham said he believes the shooting may have stemmed from a craps game that was being played on the sidewalk in front of the house where the shooting started. >> apparently there was some kind of gambling going on, just a few steps from here. and the result was that others showed up, and two people are dead, and one person is in critical condition. >> that's a very sad day for us here. >> reporter: commissioner lisa said the shooting has stunned residents who want to see more lighting and police patrols in the early-morning hours. >> definitely it's been a problem with drug dealing, property crime, et cetera for the past couple years. >> reporter: some residents say
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they have seen some improvements in the area over the last few years, but they want to see police do more. >> i want to see more walking policemen in this neighborhood. not police just driving by. they're moving too fast and they're aware of what's going on if they're walking. but that's not happening. >> reporter: just in the last several minutes i was able to speak again to jimmy simmons. he said police have told him that in fact his son was one of those who was killed early this morning. he says his son was 32 years old. he had two daughters and was expecting another child. police have not officially identified the victims in the shooting. and so far, no arrests have been made. reporting live from northwest, darcy spencer, news 4. >> thank you, darcy. she was among the most noted of former first ladies, giving us all a window into her life, her troubles and her triumphs as well. betty ford died yesterday in california. she was 93. while she and her husband were
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here in washington, the couple blended into the fabric of their alexandria community. >> reporter: the former first lady died friday at a california hospital. while she and her late husband long left the washington, they left their mark here. while the home has undergone changes, there is still a lot of the ford family there. pictures of the couple while he was still in congress. and betty ford's plantings, which she still worried about. >> she had a question that she passed through susan ford and she wanted to know how her bushes were doing here. >> reporter: betty ford cared somewhat about what people were saying about the family. and about the image. during kitchen renovations, they found this old newspaper clipping written about betty ford. >> she liked to be sort of the center of the kind of social life, whatever. she was very proud of it. >> reporter: a neighbor across the street has memories as well.
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>> just a normal family. if you're looking at it personally. history is pretty much spelling it out for all of us. but she was a wonderful woman. >> reporter: history does chronicle how she embraced her personal problems about breast cancer and issues with alcohol and prescription drug abuse. she turned them into foundations from which institutions were built. perhaps those were her most enduring legacies, but she also backed women's rights in an era it could have been risky for a political wife to do so. >> i do not believe that being first lady should prevent me from expressing my ideas. >> reporter: and all over alexandria, the more personal side stood out. alexandri alexandria's mayor was a classmate. >> she was always at the school. a real pta mom.
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>> reporter: derrick ward, news 4. president obama said betty ford removed the social stigma about substance abuse. betty ford will be buried next to her husband, former president gerald ford, in michigan. the dalai lama, one of the most renowned spiritual leaders in the world talked to everyday folks here in d.c. today. his holiness addressed a crown on the west lawn of the capitol this morning. his message is that everyonean help achieve peace through tolerance and compassion. the dalai lama said most people share a common goal of just trying to achieve a happy life. >> but the problem, we sometimes are negligent about trying to seek joyfulness, happy life from out of sight. >> china claims the dalai lama supports violence.
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china warned the united states that officials should not be meeting with the dalai lama. they said that they should also be staying out of china's affairs. the warnings followed the meeting with the dalai lama and several top u.s. lawmakers. the united states is close to defeating al qaeda, making that statement today on his trip to afghanistan as defense secretary. he met with hamid karzai in kabul. he said the death of osama bin laden has helped generate new information about other al qaeda leaders. . the news of the world is signing off tomorrow with one final headline -- thank you and good-bye. the final edition of the british tabloid will pay tribute to the many scoops over the paper's 68-year history. rupert murdoch ordered the paper closed this week after a phone-hacking scandal exploded.
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murdoch is scheduled to fly to london tomorrow to deal with the growing police investigation there. reporters and vetters are accused of hacking into the phones of celebrities, the royal family, murder victims, even dead british soldiers. >> these people could have had their phones hacked into in order to generate stories for a newspaper, is simply disgusting. >> some british leaders called for other tabloids in london to be investigated. there are reports that rupert murdoch's son james could be facing charges in the case as well. murdoch, among other things, owns fox news here in the united states. fire sending thousands of fans running for the doors. i'll tell you about that. plus, from the steelers to the slammer. the charges that landed hines ward in jail this morning. and california rolling out the red carpet for the young royals. more on their first official trip to the united states after
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the break. what you got, chuck bell? >> beauty of a day outside today. tomorrow, a chance for more sun on a sunday, no less. the return of heat and humidity, to
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"atlantis" is preparing to dock with the international space station tomorrow. the astronauts spent their first full day in space checking the shuttle for any damage during liftoff yesterday.
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they'll inspect the most vulnerable parts of the shuttle. they did not find any damage. nasa says this final mission of the shuttle program is going so well, they might extend their stay in space by an extra day. celebrity sightings in california are common and not that big of deal. but when the royals are in town, it is another story. the duke and duchess of came bres arrived on american soil yesterday. on today's agenda, a charity polo match, from the pricey a-list only. tickets go to will and kate's charity. tonight the couple attend the black tie event. the couple will return to the united kingdom tomorrow. super bowl and "dancing with the stars" hines ward is facing felony charges after an early-morning arrest. we'll tell you what he's accused of. summer here here to stay. when might the storms swing back
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a fire in dallas last night sent fans running for the door. this is video from tmz showing exactly what happened. pyrotechnics set part of the stage on fire. the fire forced the entire arena to be evacuated. the show never restarted. after the show, though, they sent a message to our fans on twitter, and promised to return to dallas again soon. he has two super bowl rings,
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super bowl mvp title and won "dancing with the stars." tonight, though, hines wards also has a dui charge. the steelers wide receiver was arrested early this morning in decatur, georgia. police stopped him just before 4:00 a.m. he spent the rest of the night in jail. tonight he is out on bond. his lawyer told tmz the facts will show that ward was not drunk. the lawyer went on to say that ward apologizes for this, quote, distraction. back here, hundreds of local kids rushed the field today to score touchdowns with the pros. they took part in the first annual catto june all football camp. june graduated from anacostia and wanted to give back to his hometown and joined several other big namath leee athletes.
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john was there also. i got to spend time with folks at shoppers food warehouse in alexandria today. we grilled stakes and raised money for a good cause in the process. the chef who grilled the best steak picked up $5,000 for his or her favorite charity. my friends and i won that $5,000 today. back on my feet is an organization to build confidence and self-esteem as well. thank you to all the folks at shoppers. >> what did you make? >> a strip, a little bourbon and brown sugar dry rub on it and olive oil and coated it. turned out well. >> good day to be out there, too. >> no kidding. it was dry. >> bing, there is the key on it right there. the humidity took late break today. that's going to stick around through tomorrow as well. get ready for another hot, but not terribly humid day. and then after that, it's just hot and humid again, just like
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we're used to around here. what a nice outside today. find your favorite body of water and hop on in, everybody. kids down at the pool in southeast washington. splishing and splashing all over the place, having a good time. getting out there, getting wet. also, trapeze artist. this is trapeze school. i don't know, this is not a class that i think i would want to take. i like the safety net. i'm all about the safety net. good looking day to be outside. look at the beautiful blue skies, a couple of fair-weather cumulus clouds drifting on through. 91 degrees, so a hot one out there for sure. the dew point numbers, when it gets below 60 degrees, that's when it starts to feel really comfortable. relative humidity only 33% right now. near 90 degrees across much of the area. temperatures generally upper 80s to near 90s across much of the mid-atlantic. the big difference for today,
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the change in the dew points. dew points have dropped 14 degrees in the last 24 hours. that really helps take the edge off of things from a summer stickiness standpoint. high pressure just up to our north is the reason we're enjoying this. all the humidity has been blown down to the south. it will stay at bay for about another 24 to 36 hours. unfortunately as the area of high pressure works up towards new york and the new england coastline, the high heat and humidity down south starts to come back. by 8:00 monday evening, the real intense heat and humidity on the way back. could get a slight chance for a shower late monday night. i think our best chance for rain in the forecast comes up on tuesday. so for the rest of your evening, clear and warm, and light breezes that we've been enjoying all day. they'll continue. temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. tomorrow morning, clear skies. 65 to 75 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, sunny and hot just like today, but nice, low humidity.
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high temperatures in the upper 80s, low 90s. going to the beach, this is a great week at the beach for sure. tomorrow and monday, perfect beach days indeed. there's our extended forecast. 93 with low humidity tomorrow. industrial strength heat and humidity come back monday, tuesday. pulls back out on wednesday. and then good july, late july weather for the end of the week and next week. you can always follow me on twitter. still ahead at 6:00, making history. in style.
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he's headed to cooperstown. >> deric jeter, 17 seasons in the big league all with the new york yankees. inside derek jeter's cleats, win on the sock liner in each shoe is part of the contract he signed with his father, dr. charles jeter before high school. the contract states that derek would only be allowed to play sports if he complied with several clauses, including no arguing, no drugs or alcohol, and respect girls. dr. charles jeter raised his son to be a leader. today the yankee captain made history. father and son wanting to see history, jeter needed two hits for 3,000. he singled in his first at-bat. here in the third inning, facing tampa bay's david price, and jeter gets ahold of this one.
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a so lo home run to left. that's career hit number 3,000. it was his first homer at yankee stadium this season. jeter's family putting dad, dr. charles, celebrating in the suite. the fan who caught the home run said he would give the ball to jeter. the second player in history to homer for his 3,000th hit. wade boggs was the other, if you're wondering. jeter also drove in the game-winning run as they defeat the rays 5-4. jeter finished 5 for 5. here's the captain on making baseball history. >> i've been lying to you guys this whole time. i've had a lot of pressure on me here in new york. after i got the first hit i relaxed a little bit. you know, i'm happy i had the opportunity to do it. more importantly, do it here. at yankee stadium. there's also relief. because i was trying to do it here.
6:25 pm
it's something i never thought, you know, was possible. i wasn't trying to do it. i just try to come out and play hard every day. i guess if you do that, good things happen. >> what does this sound like right now? >> it's a lot of fun. >> derek jeter, a class act. the first yankee with 3,000 career hits and 28th player in major league baseball history to reach the milestone. scary moment last night at nats park. john landon was hit in the face och the bat of tie wigginton. thankfully no major injury. he suffered a small break on the side of his nose. landon facing carlos gonzalez, and gets him swinging. one of five strikeouts on the night for landon. three batters later, and it's ty wigginton at the plate. look out. with the smash right up the middle off landon's face.
6:26 pm
a race comes in. just gets his glove up. and that hurts. landon gets back up, walks right to the dugout. no broken bones, no major broken bones. they originally called it a nasal contusion. they don't expect him to miss his next start. good news. jason worth up with a tying run at first. they're trying to steal second. that's a rally killer. nats lead 3-2. davy johnson and his reaction to what happened in the fourth inning. >> that's a manager's worst nightmare. we were very fortunate that there was no damage. that ball was smoked. he got his ball up to deflect it off, so it didn't hit him too bad. he won't even miss a start with the all-star break. that's a blessing there. but that was dangerous. >> definitely a blessing. in boston last night, os, red
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sox, part of an eight-run first inning. kevin greg throws inside to big papa. he doesn't take too kindly to that. everyone is warned, we play on. ortiz pops it up. greg says, hey, one down to first base when you pop up the ball. big papi says i'm coming over here for you, bro. listed at 6'6", 230. neither big man lands a punch. it amounts to be a lot of let me at him, let me at him, but not much else. 10-3, baltimore has lost five straight. >> papi would have killed him. >> maybe. john deere classic. fairfax native steve marino started his round tied for second place. we're in illinois. unfortunately marino didn't finish his round in second place. 18, putting for birdie, tracking right to the hole. but watch closely. slides right past. shot a 2 over 73 today. 10 under for the tournament. but 10 back of the leader.
6:28 pm
that leader is steve stricker on number 10. right at the hole. and just misses for eagle. leaves that for a nice birdie. stricker has a streak of 38 straight holes without a bogey. on 18, knocks down this 15-footer for par. the streak rolls to 39. stricker shoots an 8 under 63. he's the leader by two strokes at 20 under par. wow. >> thanks to you. "nightly news" is up next. we'll be back here for news4 at 11:00. until then, that's the news. until then, that's the news. good night.
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- nearly one in four children in this country until then, that's the news. good night. struggles with food insecurity. - feeding america helps provide food to 37 million people in need, including nearly 14 million children each year. - text "feedkids" to 50555 to donate $10 to feeding america. each $10 donation helps provide 70 meals to children in need. - join us in the fight to end child hunger in america. go to to learn how to help. go to to learn how to help.

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